Enabling a freer and fairer financial system, built on Bitcoin

Rootstock is the network that provides the foundation for a new global economy. It is the world’s most secure blockchain for smart contracts. Rootstock expands the functionality and scalability of the Bitcoin ecosystem without sacrificing decentralization or security.

Rootstock shares the security and decentralization of the Bitcoin network through merge-mining technology. All smart contracts on the network are EVM compatible, combining the programability of Ethereum with the security and stability of Bitcoin.

Laying the foundations for Everyday DeFi

RIF Applications and Services are the catalyst for the next phase of blockchain adoption, letting Web3 projects and Fintech innovators build better with identity, payments, storage, marketplace, and gateway services.

Collective Intelligence

Taringa! is the leading Spanish-speaking social platform that connects people around shared interests in topic-based communities. Currently seeking to reward its members for the time they spend on the platform by sharing their experiences and knowledge, Taringa! is leveraging blockchain technology to evolve towards Web 3.0, creating a shared economy where everyone can benefit.