Welcome to Everyday DeFi

Seamless payments without punitive charges for small businesses; savings that allow people to inflation-proof and protect what they already have; remittances that allow the ninety-nine percent to move capital as easily as the one; and loans that give access to finance for grassroots economic growth. All denominated in stablecoins and available through the seamless smartphone interfaces of Web2 today, this is Everyday DeFi!

The security, scalability, and decentralization of the Rootstock network make it the natural home for Everyday DeFi to thrive. And we have developed the Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF) as a service layer on top of the Rootstock blockchain that makes Everyday DeFi a reality. RIF allows teams building Everyday DeFi services to produce mass-market crypto products faster and easier; RIF is human-readable wallet addresses, RIF is quick-access crypto logins, RIF is safeguards for decentralized saving, borrowing, and lending, RIF is near-instant-low-fee payment, RIF is the building blocks for Everyday DeFi!

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