Partner Marketing Support Hub

If you're building a DeFi protocol with Rootstock or RIF technologies,  IOVLabs can offer marketing support to help increase your brand exposure and grow your user base.

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Types of co-marketing opportunities

Joint social media campaigns

IoV Labs can help you reach a worldwide audience of DeFi users, investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals. Work with us to reach over 500,000 users through social media, email marketing and ambassador programmes

Paid media opportunities

Get your product featured in prominent media outlets. We work with media agencies around the globe to ensure that your product is seen by the right people. Our team can help draft media press releases relevant to your product to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Feature at leading industry events

Attend events like BTC Miami, Labitconf, Consensus, and more.

We collaborate with projects in our ecosystem to make the most of our busy event calendar. Co-sponsorship opportunities and free entry tickets for selected events are available.

Premium support from marketing & technical experts

Our dedicated team of experts is equipped to assist you with every step of your project, from the initial brainstorming phase to the final product launch and beyond. Composed of specialists in various fields, from design and development to marketing and project management, we ensure you receive the most effective support possible.

Access to Ambassadors

We have a growing community of ambassadors who work to inform the world about the possibilities of the Rootstock ecosystem. Ambassadors create content, run meetups, and promote the ecosystem over social media. By engaging with our ambassadors, they can spread the word about the benefits of your project in their communities.