DAVID19 is here: a technology to unite millions of heroes against COVID-19 anonymously

Washington DC, May 11, 2020

Based on technology as the key to this and future crises, this application, available on, will allow each person to become a hero against the virus and join a movement that will drive digital transformation in different aspects of life

A movement is beginning to take shape in the smartphones we hold in our hands. The efforts against the global health crisis have just gained millions of potential supporters, and in addition, a platform capable of accelerating digital transformation and integrating it into every person's daily life is being built. Technology, as the basis for tackling this and future pandemics, has given rise to DAVID19: a historic solution that brings the human capacity to work together and go much further.

Thanks to the alliance formed by LACChain, a regional program of the IDB Group Innovation Lab (IDB Lab), the DAVID19 digital platform will allow each citizen to become a hero against the pandemic. This tool, based on blockchain technology, is the first open source solution in which data about the virus can be shared without exposing the user's personal information.

In its first phase, this collaborative environment of citizen for citizen (C-to-C), will allow millions of people to become protagonists in the face of the pandemic by allowing them to share their own information in solidarity in a safe and anonymous way through self-assigned credentials, helping to make this invisible enemy visible, with the level of reliability of a macro citizen survey, thus contributing to changing the course of this health crisis.

In its second phase, DAVID19 proposes a revolution in terms of identity and verification through digital means between businesses and citizens (B-to-C). Mass participation will naturally evolve as thousands of private companies join the DAVID19 ecosystem to issue more sophisticated credentials, such as work re-entry permits, affidavits, medical certifications, travel permits, or academic degrees using credentials issued by third parties. In short, a life portfolio in your pocket. In addition, the digital infrastructure will be prepared for future outbreaks of this and other viruses, or even other phenomena and emergency situations that we face as humanity in the future, such as those related to climate change.

In this scenario of infinite possibilities, this is the first step so that in the future a person only needs his or her mobile device to identify himself or herself, to demonstrate that he or she is in a safe enough condition to board a plane, return to his or her job, visit an art gallery, or access a concert or a sporting event, in compliance with the set of provisions that apply in each specific case.

How does DAVID19 work?

DAVID19 works as a digital wallet aggregator, an emerging technology based on mobile applications that use protocols and standards of sovereign digital identity; in other words, a technology that guarantees that the user can maintain total power over his data at all times. Through DAVID19, each person will be able to select their preferred digital wallet, create their profile and start uploading key information to understand and see how COVID19 moves in the region. Thus, each person becomes a hero, we are all DAVID19.

Once you upload your data about your quarantine, your movements during it, your status, you just have to keep the information in the digital wallet updated and you will be able to see how the interactive tracking map evolves. This map, made up of the data shared by millions of people, will be public and is the heart of DAVID19.

“A problem of the magnitude of COVID-19 requires a collective and solidary response that, reinforced by the current capacity of technology, confronts an equivalent power. It is therefore a question of DAVID19 against the Goliath of the coronavirus. “, said Alejandro Pardo Vegezzi, IDB Lab Principal Specialist and Leader of LACChain and of DAVID19. “DAVID19 offers all of us the opportunity for a digital way out of our confinement, to become heroes and protagonists in the face of this pandemic”.

“We are going through a very difficult time for humanity and digital technology has already shown that it can be part of the solution for both citizens and businesses” added Irene Arias, CEO Of IDB Lab.

LACChain, under the leadership of the IDB Lab and together with everis, World Data IOVLabs, Grupo Sabra and LLYC, has developed this platform to break the security versus privacy debate, enhancing both simultaneously by integrating a reliable, open and decentralized option that is presented as a multilateral solution to a global problem.

DAVID19's complete ecosystem consists of its website (, a native application available on the same site, the different digital wallets and its official social media pages. Any interested party can interact there and keep themselves informed about the project.

"Our idea was to leverage blockchain technology to make every person an active player in the face of the pandemic, protecting ourselves and helping protect others from COVID-19 through verifiable credentials. That's the concept behind DAVID19," explained Moises Menendez, LACChain's senior advisor. "This application is unique in its concept and development".

"DAVID19 is a solidary solution between committed citizens," commented Marcos Allende, LACChain's technology coordinator. "This solution, which uses digital wallets and LACChain's blockchain network, uses Hyperledger Besu to ensure that the information provided by users is completely anonymous and transparent".

"A global problem needs a multilateral solution, and that is why the seal of LACChain and the IDB Lab are a guarantee mark for the potential of DAVID19," said Alejandro Romero, CEO of the Americas at LLYC." Big crises are cradles of big innovations and DAVID19 came to face this and future pandemics.

All the information on how to use the application, its safety and protection mechanisms for people and the results of this ambitious initiative is available through the official DAVID19 channels.

The alliance calls on everyone to join this movement that promises to be an important step towards ending the global health crisis.

Technology Partners – David-19: everis, World Data Inc, Grupo Sabra and IOVLabs

Communication Partner – David-19: LLYC

About LACChain

The Global Alliance for the Development of the Blockchain Ecosystem for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACChain) is an initiative of the IDB Lab to promote the use of this technology with an impact on inclusion. This common purpose has attracted the attention and willingness to collaborate of the players who are leading the early development of blockchain ecosystems in the countries of the region, such as the e-government authorities in Argentina, Colombia or Costa Rica, as well as several of the leading global blockchain entities such as Adhara, Alastria, AidTech, Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), Consensys, everis, Grupo Sabra, Idemia, ioBuilders, LegalBlock, Multiledgers, MIT Media Lab, NTT Data, RSK, Tradel, World Data, and the IDB.

About IDB Lab

IDB Lab is the innovation laboratory of the IDB Group, the primary source of financing and knowledge for development focused on improving lives in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Its purpose is to promote innovation for inclusion in the region, mobilizing financing, knowledge and connections to co-create solutions capable of transforming the lives of populations that are vulnerable due to economic, social, or environmental conditions.

About everis - NTT DATA

Everis, an NTT DATA company, works on the disruption of the business world based on exponential technologies. Everis wants to mark the beginning of the next generation of technology through various innovative and disruptive initiatives. Everis aims to design the future, increase employee value through artificial intelligence, enhance technology education through creative technologies and be a bridge between the global ecosystem of startups and large corporations. To achieve this, it dedicates to consulting and outsourcing covering all sectors of the economic field. NTT DATA Group is the sixth-largest IT services company in the world, with 100,000 professionals and presence in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and North America.

About IOVlabs

IOVlabs works so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in a new economy for our new internet era by facilitating the expansion of blockchain as the internet of value. To this end, it develops highly secure, low-cost and easy-to-use platforms for the new global economy. With the help of IOVlabs' platforms, people around the world will have the ability to create digital identities, develop reputations, establish and execute agreements and participate in commercial transactions without intermediaries.

About Grupo Sabra

It is an Argentine company specialized in software services and development and implementation of business solutions. Since its foundation in 2009, their clients are at the center of their processes, with the goal of providing them with high quality services and solutions that impact their key business processes.

About World Data

World Data Inc. is an information technology, engineering and consulting group that has been providing solutions to small and mid-sized businesses for over 30 years. It is staffed by experienced engineers, professionals with extensive experience in all IT and networking disciplines, including mobility, cloud computing and data analysis. World Data Inc. works with its customers as partners to address all of their technology requirements, leveraging its own solutions.

About LLYC

It is a global communications and public affairs consulting firm that helps its clients make strategic decisions proactively, with the creativity and experience needed in a disruptive and uncertain context, incorporating innovation and technology into its solutions.

Currently, LLYC has 16 offices in Argentina, Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), the United States (Miami, New York and Washington, DC), Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and the Dominican Republic. In addition, it offers its services through affiliated companies in the rest of the Latin American markets.

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