Bitcoin Smart Contracts Platform RSK Launches 200K Developer Fund

Gibraltar - Dec 1, 2019

The fund will provide financial backing for projects developed using RSK’s Bitcoin sidechain

IOV Labs has announced the launch of the RSK Grants Program, a developer fund of $200K dedicated to projects built on the RSK smart contracts platform. RSK is a Bitcoin network sidechain that enables the creation of Dapps that run on BTC.

RSK team recently released a blog post announcing the fund and detailing the advantages of building on the network, including enhanced security, compatibility with Ethereum, and integration with Microsoft’s blockchain-as-a-service marketplace Azure. The grant pool of $200,000 USD will be distributed among the projects on a case-by-case basis.

The program site suggests specific types of submissions, such an in-browser wallet for DApps, a smart contract compile and deploy toolchain, a “starter project” scaffolding tool, or a new RSKIP with an implementation. However, developers are welcome to submit any and all original ideas that support the Bitcoin and RSK ecosystem.

The announcement comes after LaBITconf, Latin America’s most influential blockchain conference, where IOV Labs rolled out a strategic focus on Decentralized Finance during 2020, leading with the announcement of a Bitcoin-backed stablecoin protocol Money on Chain, as well as a mobile client for Lumino, called Lumino Light, which will allow mobile integration for any stablecoins and DeFi solutions on RSK.

Ruben Altman, Head of Adoption at IOV Labs, commented “The Grants Program was initiated to support exciting projects, drive adoption, and foster community with developers who understand the revolutionary value proposition of smart contracts for Bitcoin; who will bring their point of view to the RSK community. We look forward to connecting with applicants.”

Developers can apply by visiting The application program will run Dec 1, 2019 through Dec 1, 2020.

About IOV Labs

IOV Labs is a purpose driven organization focused on developing the platforms needed for a new blockchain-based financial system that will enable worldwide financial inclusion and bridge the gap between these nascent technologies and mass adoption. The organization currently develops the most popular implementations of the RSK Smart Contract Network and RIF platforms.

RSK provides smart contracts for Bitcoin, enabling decentralized applications on the most secure blockchain in the world.

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