RSK and NXTP launched the first regional blockchain acceleration and adoption program

Buenos Aires — September 25th, 2019

RSK and NXTP launched the first regional blockchain acceleration and adoption program aimed at start-ups and companies interested in developing their blockchain products, or migrating them from “off-chain” to “on-chain”.

On top of developing their capabilities with RSK’S stack technology benefits, they may be able to receive up to $100,000 in investments in order to implement their growth for the duration of the acceleration program.

The search will focus on Latin American start-ups at varying degrees of maturity and which are developing innovative products or services that can be optimized by adopting RSK’S blockchain stack technologies.

Also, companies that are in the process of adopting blockchain technologies and that are looking to widen and strengthen their value proposition by partnering with RSK will be summoned.

RSK remarks

Rubén Altman, Head of Adoption at IOV Labs commented: “We are very happy to launch this first acceleration program together with NXTP. This first program, and those in coming years, will be a key instrument in helping Latin American start-ups with the highest potential make the most of blockchain advantages in their businesses. NXTP’S expertise in business development, our technical and business know-how together with financial support, are key tools to assure a successful implementation in which the technological value quickly reaches businesses and end users”.

NXTP remarks

Marta Cruz, Managing Partner at NXTP, said: "The launch of RSK’S blockchain adoption and acceleration program is great news for all of Latin America. This program is one of a kind; it will empower the start-ups ecosystem, companies and corporations in the entire region to adopt one of the most disruptive technologies in recent years. We are very happy to continue to work closely with RSK. We were also early investors and we consider it to be one of the most disruptive companies in this industry, at a global level".

The acceleration and adoption program has a strategy called “from Off-chain to On-Chain” that is based on helping those companies having an NXTP ecosystem based technology to start getting integrated into the blockchain platform in order to improve and optimize their scaling processes and/or provide more transparent innovation to their clients.

The program is jointly operated by RSK, the first smart contracts platform guaranteed by the Bitcoin network, together with NXTP Blockchain, the NXTP branch which is focused on developing this technology in Latin America.

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About RSK

RSK is the first smart contracts platform backed by the Bitcoin network, which makes it the most secure Smart Contracts network worldwide. In addition, it provides greater scalability than other networks, allowing for up to 100 transactions per second. RSK’S technology stack also includes the RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF), which is a series of decentralized services such as Storage, and the Lumino network, it’s high-scalability payment network. For more information, visit:

About NXTP

NXTP is an early entrepreneurial capital company that invests in technology start-ups that create a positive impact model for all Latin America. With its first fund, NXTP has invested in over 190 start-ups in the last 7 years. It also manages a second fund focusing on Series, in which it has already made 5 investments. At the same time, the company carries out breakthrough programs for corporations that are looking to innovate through integration, investment and acquisitions of technology-based start-ups. It also manages entrepreneurial corporate funds of different amounts and different segments. It has offices in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Silicon Valley. For more information visit:

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