We provide the next generation of fintech innovators with the decentralized tools and technology to build a new global economy.

Since 2016 IOV Labs has built disruptive, decentralized blockchain technologies. We believe everyone should have access to free and fair financial services that don’t exploit, have significant barriers to entry, or restrict liberties.

Bitcoin made financial transactions without intermediaries possible for the first time, treating all users as equals. IOV Labs launched the Rootstock blockchain in 2017, enabling smart contracts on Bitcoin and making transactions on the network cheaper, faster, and more accessible. Rootstock is home to a thriving DeFi ecosystem that builds on this philosophy, serving users around the world.

In 2018, IOV Labs launched RIF to offer decentralized products and tools that enable everybody to benefit from Rootstock technology - Everyday DeFi. Built on Rootstock, RIF reduces time to market for business and developers building cutting edge solutions using blockchain technology secured by Bitcoin

Daniel Fogg

Chief Executive Officer

Serial-COO and ex-founder with over 15 years experience in deep tech start-ups and scale-ups. Daniel specializes in the development of organizational growth strategy, high-performance culture, and operational systems that allow companies to thrive, enhanced by his experience in product development, deep tech commercialization, go-to-market strategy, investment strategy, and startup leadership.

As co-founder and COO of BuffaloGrid, Daniel brought solar power and internet access to India’s Next Billion internet users through the award-winning BuffaloGrid Hub (permanent exhibition at British Design Museum).

Daniel’s work in product includes pre-launch strategy for Google (Google Home, 52M sold) and Alphabet, and taking the BuffaloGrid Hub (permanent collection, British Design Museum) from concept to manufacturing, deployment, and support. His experience in deep tech includes satellite communications (Track24), geospatial data systems (Ardan), energy systems and voice UI (Graftt/Google), and renewable energy generation and storage (BuffaloGrid).

Diego Gutierrez

Co-Founder & Chairman

Co-founder of IOV Labs and a pioneer of Blockchain and Bitcoin development in Latin America. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Diego has helped create a network of Bitcoin communities throughout Latam, with a presence in 9 countries in the region. He is also the co-founder of the longest-running Bitcoin Conference in the world — LABITCONF.

He was recently inducted into the Crypto Hall of Fame, an initiative that honors outstanding business leaders and entrepreneurs who have made a significant contribution to the crypto industry. Other key figures inducted alongside him include Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finey, Nick Szabo, Vitalik Buterin, and Adam Back amongst others.

Matthias Rosenthal

Chief Financial Officer

Almost 30 years of experience in international Finance & Controlling. Prior to working at IOV Labs, Matthias managed the finance area of LATAM operations for OSRAM (a German multinational lighting industry) implementing the best practices for cost efficiency and process improvements.

His extensive knowledge includes accounting, controlling, financing, bank relationships, and compliance. He holds a Master of Economics and Political Sciences degree obtained from the Universities of Heidelberg and Cologne (Germany).

Tim Paymans

Chief Product Officer

20 years of experience in solving problems with technology products.

Prior to his involvement in the cryptocurrency industry, Tim worked for nearly 15 years in the European Fintech sector. As a SaaS founder, he disrupted the European market for accounts payable processing with his startup Newviews and serviced top-tier accountancy firms and global businesses like Uber and McDonalds.

He also worked as a product leader for several fintech companies in the VISMA Software Group and helped improve the lives of countless European small- and medium-sized businesses through his work.

Sergio Demian Lerner

Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Widely recognized as a leading security and cryptocurrency researcher and serial entrepreneur, Sergio co-founded the Rootstock blockchain as well as several successful technology companies.

His work in information security includes the design and development of cryptographic security systems for banks and organizations. Since 2011, Sergio has collaborated to strengthen the security of the Bitcoin protocol and reference code, discovering and disclosing 9 vulnerabilities. He also discovered 5 vulnerabilities in the Ethereum protocol and its clients.

His work as cryptocurrency designer is extensive, specializing in sidechain technology. Sergio designed Rootstock (Rootstock), the first EVM-compatible Bitcoin sidechain with a working hybrid SPV-federated two-way-peg, and many Rootstock enhancements such as a CountAcks (a Bitcoin’s opcode to decentralize Rootstock), the Powpeg (a security enhancement to the peg using HSMs that follow consensus), IMM (inclusive merge-mining), Synchchains, storage rent, parallel transaction processing and the Flyover fast bridge system. In total, he proposed over 200 cryptocurrency design improvements for greater privacy, interoperability, decentralization, scalability, and faster transaction settlement.

Mariel Salas Bort

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mariel is a senior HR executive, with over 17 years of international experience in HR strategical management. Psychologist, MBA & Executive Coach, Mariel has been working in international positions across different industries.

Mariel specializes in talent & performance management, change management, organizational transformation, executive coaching, leadership, HR processes, legal and labour affairs and rewards.

Mariel worked in diverse companies, allowing her to get immerse in a wide range of cultures: Siemens, OLX.com, IBM, Sogrape Wines, Mercado Libre and Danone.

Bruno Almeida

Chief Marketing Officer

With over 20 years of experience across multiple geographies and industries, Bruno has mostly developed his skills in payments and software banking solutions, having worked in companies like Worldpay (Omnichannel Payments), Truelayer (Open Banking), and Finastra (Software Banking solutions) Holds a Master's degree in Marketing from Universidade Catolica Portuguesa and currently lectures at Catolica Business School in Porto (eContent Marketing). Additionally, authored a book titled "eContent Marketing (2022).

Pei Chen

Chief Growth Officer

A crypto and blockchain veteran with a proven track record developing and implementing business strategies for cutting-edge financial technology products at growth stage organizations and startups.

Pei currently leads the commercial group at IOV Labs. Previously, she was the Head of Americas Sales at Digital Asset, a financial technology company that develops Distributed Ledger Technology infrastructure, where she spearheaded the effort to build out the Americas sales organization, execute business strategies, and originate greenfield opportunities.

Pei also served as Director of Business Development at ConsenSys, one of the largest blockchain venture studios and software providers, and spent eight years as a Product Manager at Goldman Sachs.

Sascha Goetz

Chief of Staff

An Operations Maverick and Catalyst for Innovation with over 13 years of experience, making significant contributions to various industries.

Beginning his career at Mercedes Benz, Sascha developed a solid foundation in corporate operations. He then joined car2go, where he played a crucial role in revolutionizing mobility solutions. As a co-founder of Patchblocks, a music tech start-up, Sascha combined his operational expertise with a passion for creative innovation.

Returning to the mobility sector, he contributed to the growth of Scoot and Bird. Currently, as Chief of Staff at IOV Labs, Sascha leverages his extensive knowledge to drive operational excellence in the blockchain industry.